Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qbab?

It's an app for iPhone and Android that automatically shows customers the caterers near them who are taking orders via Qbab. It supports Click and Collect and Delivery (with your drivers). Customers love the convenience. Vendors love the increased visibility they get to all Qbab users and the increased productivity they gain from not having to stop and take orders and payment while cooking.

How does the Qbab app work?

Caterers enter their locations and opening hours - which show up as pins on a map that customers see. Customers tap through to a nearby vendor, browse their menu, order and pay.
The vendor runs a related app on their phone(s) and/or tablets to process the orders received. Customers receive an alert when their food is ready.

What's different about Qbab?

Qbab is the only ordering platform that has been designed from the ground up to suit small, independent caterers - especially mobile caterers.

It is also the quickest and easiest for customers to download and use - with no up-front registration or sign-up.

What does it cost?

We charge vendors 2% (+VAT = 2.4% total) commission on orders placed via the app. Stripe, the credit card handler we use, charges their standard fee.
There are no setup fees, no monthly charge and no charge to the customer.

How difficult is it to set up?

It typically takes about an hour to set up your menu and details. We'll help you via a Zoom call to get up and running.

Why would I choose Qbab?

Customers love it. They tell each other about it. They spend more when ordering via an app.
You are much more productive than if you're taking orders manually. Get your life back without missing out on orders.

How often are there updates to the App?

As with most phone apps, we update frequently - to bring you new features as well as bug fixes. We typically update the app every few weeks.

Do you offer delivery?

Qbab does not have its own delivery staff but the app does let you manage your own drivers - giving them precise directions and showing your their location and whether or not they have delivered the orders they set out with.

Can I control my delivery distance/geofence?

You can choose where to put your pin on the map and how many miles from there (as the crow flies) you will deliver. This lets you do some interesting things... For example, if you work from a fixed kitchen but there are four villages nearby, instead of driving between all of them for 4 hours, you could offer consecutive 1 hour openings in each village with a 1 mile radius - allowing you to deliver two or more orders in each 10 minute slot.

Can my customers pay with the app?

Customers complete a credit card authorisation as part of placing an order. You therefore only receive orders that have a credit card payment ready to 'capture'. However, the money is only taken at the point where you start to prepare that order. As with any food ordering app, customers may cancel up to that piont.

Could my customers tip the service/quality?

If you let customers order for delivery, there's an option to add a tip by default - and to control what percentage it starts at. Customers can than increase or decrease it +/-5% at a time - all the way to zero if they wish.

Can my customers pre-order?

Yes. You control how far in advance but we recommend 1 week. You'll find that this helps smooth out the difference between pleasant days and bad weather. If someone has pre-ordered, they'll still go and collect in the rain (especially when they know they won't have to wait outside - since they get alerted when the food is ready). If it's pouring, they probably wouldn't have gone out to order in the rain.

How far in advance can my customers pre-order?

You choose. Up  to a week is simple - they authorise the card payment when ordering and Qbab 'captures' the payment when you start to prepare the order. To pre-order further in advance, customers book their slot and then are reminded to pay in the week leading up to their order date.

Do I have to offer a pre-ordering ability to use the app?

No, you can configure it to just take orders during service - or even only when you specifically enable orders.
However, you will find your order volumes increase if you allow pre-orders - and you'll be better able to gauge demand and hence know how much stock to carry ahead of service.

Can I offer discounts?

You can turn on a discount code feature and specify the percentage that this reduces the bill if a customer enters a discount code. However, it is up to you to verify the discount code when they collect. How you handle cases where they entered a code they were not entitled to use is up to you.
When entering customers' orders into the app yourself, you can manually adjust the price.

Can my customers download the app onto iPhones and Android phones?

Yes - we release the app on both platforms simultaneously. The QR code we provide automatically directs phones to the appropriate App/Play store.

Is there a binding contract?

To take orders via Qbab you have to accept a set of terms and conditons but these do not require you to continue using it any longer than you want to. With no up-front costs and no monthly costs, you only pay for the orders you take through the app and can stop by emailing us your instructions at any time.

Is my business discoverable on a map?

Yes - that's one of Qbab's unique benefits. Anyone opening the app sees businesses near their current location (or the location they've told the map to center on). 
You control where your 'pins' appear on the map, when you are there, your hours and what you serve there. You can offer different menus at different locations and/or different times at the same location.

Can I join Qbab if I run a "Bricks'n'mortar" / High Street business?

Sure! Although Qbab is the only app with all the features a mobile caterer needs, you don't have to use those. You can operate from a single location.
However, there are some interesting angles you can use Qbab for. Let's say you're a village shop - and four neighbouring, smaller villages don't have a shop at all. If you put a pin on the map at the centre of each of these villages and offer deliveries witihin, say 1 mile of the centre of the village for consecutive 1 hour slots, you could deliver groceries very efficiently to each village - either to peoples' doors or to a collection point e.g. in a car park.

Is the app suitable for my business?

YES if you:

  • are fed up having to take orders by phone/text/whatsapp/messenger throughout the day.

  • want to increase the number of orders and average order size.

  • need to be more productive - doing more cooking and preparation and less time answering the phone, taking payments...

NO if you:​

  • only take a couple of orders a day

  • need to discuss each order with the customer

  • take very low value orders 

  • serve people as fast as they can order (so not worth it if for a vegetable stall or juice stall).

How much effort and time will it take to start using Qbab?

We can get you up and runing within a couple of hours if you like. Typically though, we'll add your menu and get you into 'Practice Mode' during a half-hour Zoom call. You then 'Go Live' when you've had a play with it, reviewed the menu in detail and put a couple of dummy orders through to get confident.

Can I manage my customers within the app?

A key benefit of Qbab is that customers can use it immediately they download it - with no registration process. We're going to be adding customer loyalty and contact features shortly - that let customers 'favourite' you and stay in touch with you.

Is there a limit to the menu options?

You can have as many headings and items in your menu as you like. You can also have different menus for different locations/hours e.g. a breakfast and a dinner menu. You edit and control these through the Qbab for Vendors app. The app supports complex 'Meal Deals' as well as 'Opt-outs' (e.g. 'No Basil on my Pizza please); 'Swap-outs' (e.g. Ketchup instead of BBQ sauce please); 'Extras' (e.g. add a second beef patty) and 'Selections' (e.g. Large or Small Coffee?)

How do I update my locations, hours  and menu?

That's all done through the Qbab for Vendors app. In addition to those features, it also includes quick and easy ways to tell your customers about the sorts of problems that only mobile caterers face. For example, to tell customers you're half an hour late due to traffic is one swipe and a tap!

Do coupons or loyalty schemes work through the app?

You can choose to show customers a box where they can enter a loyalty/discount card number or code. You also set the message that is shown next to this and the percentage discount it gives. However, the app has no way of confirming the code for most schemes so it's up to you to enforce it by rejecting or querying orders that include invalid codes and/or asking to see the card on collection/delivery.

How secure is the online ordering?

As with most ordering platforms, we use Stripe to process card payments. Credit card details are only exchanged between the customer and Stripe. Qbab does not hold any of the customer's credit card details. The transaction is between the customer and your own Stripe account. Only our fee is passed to our Stripe account.

What payment options do you support?

We use Stripe ( to process card transactions. This lets the customer pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or with any Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Maestro cards. 
If you are entering orders manually into the Qbab for Vendors app, you can tell the app that you have taken payment in cash or through another card processor. These show as separate totals in Qbab reports and we do not charge a fee for these.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. We just take 2%+VAT commission and Stripe take their standard credit card fees. No setup, no upfront, no monthly and no customer charges. 

Be wary of competitors that claim to be free. Someone has to be paying or they'll go out of business. In many cases they charge the customer - but our research indicates that customers really don't like that and will go somewhere else in many cases. Others exploit the customer - pushing ads or selling their data!

Who do I contact if I have a problem or query with the app?

You can always contact us at but many queries can be resolved by searching within this FAQs page; by looking in the manual or Quick-Start guide You can also ask questions in our Members forum (button at top right to join).

What if I have a problem receiving or processing orders?

Check that you have a mobile or Wi-fi signal first. Qbab is very tolerant of poor connections but does need a connection to the internet to work.

Contact us on for more help - or phone us on the number on our Support page for urgent issues. 

When and how am I paid my takings?

You sign up for a Standard Stripe Account. Full details of payouts to your bank account are here. Payments reach your bank account after 7 days. Payments are made daily. Stripe's and Qbab's fees have already been deducted.

What is an online food ordering system?

Customers place orders via the internet you receive and process them via the internet. In the case of Qbab that's done via phone apps (at present - a browser option will follow).

How much does it cost?

Stripe - the card processor we use - charge their standard fees (detailed here). Qbab charges 2% + VAT (2.4% total).

Do I need an FSA  Hygeine rating in place to join Qbab?

If you need a rating to sell what you're offering, Qbab does not change that. Qbab can be used to offer other, non-food items for which the rating is irrelevant.

Do you offer delivery drivers?

Not at present but let us know if this is something that would interest you as we are considering it in our plans.

Do I save anything using Qbab?

You'll save a huge amount of time - some of which costs you money. 
By not having to take orders by phone/text/whatsapp etc you get your life back when you're not open.
By not being interrupted taking orders or payments while you are working you become much more productive - and can either deliver more orders per hour or require fewer staff to cope with a given level of business.
Qbab makes single-handed operation much more viable.

How quickly will customers switch over to the app?

If you follow our guidance - telling customers about the app rather than continuing to take down their orders when they call you, 80-90% will use the app thereafter.

Putting the stickers we provide on your van also helps people migrate to the app.

What kind of tools do vans/venue partners receive?

We provide A5 stickers to go on your counter and larger stickers for your van. these tell customers about the app and provide a QR code they can point their camera at to download the app.
We also offer large (3m x 1m) banners for venues to advertise the app.

Is Qbab offered in other languages?

Not yet.

Does the customer have to order via the app or is there a website?

At present, just the app. Browser support is coming soon.

Do you provide training?

Yes. As part of setting you up we show you how to use the app but this rarely takes more than a 30-60 minute Zoom call. 
We're also adding video tutorials to help you with the common tasks.

What does the on-boarding process involve?

We normally do a half-hour demo via Zoom. If you wish to proceed, we ask you to provide your current menu, hours, location(s), staff phone number(s), logo and to sign up for a Stripe account (if you don't have one already).  A day or two later we'll have added your details and can review these and walk through some dumy orders in 'Practice Mode' with you - on a Zoom call. You then tap 'Go Live' when you're happy with everything - typically the next day.

How do I register my business on Qbab?

Email us at - including a link to your website or Facebook page; your phone number; locations and hours; logo. 

Sign up for a Standard Stripe account at

We'll email you when we''ve set up your business and then you can download the Qbab for Vendors app.