Equestrian Events

Owners can stay with their horse until their food is ready.

Make your (and your attendees') lives  easier by letting them order everything they need from a single app. Invite Qbab-enabled catering vans to complement your on-site offerings.


Qbab lets guests order from...

single ordering point for all your attendees' needs

On-site Catering

If you offer catering yourself, let attendees order that on the app.

Guest Caterers

Invite mobile caterers to visit. For all day or multi-day events, we can help arrange different vans - for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

Nearby Vendors

Many Qbab businesses deliver locally.



Qbab benefits you AND your guests

Demonstrates Covid Awareness

Makes everyone safer and more secure - including attendees, show ground management, insurers and local authrorities.

Improve Customer Experience

Reduces time spent queueing and increases the feeling of security.
Order from your box and collect when ready - so don't have to be away from your horse for long.
Order for a timeslot that suits - so your food if read when you've finished competing.
For stay-away shows, being able top pre-order before you stock the van reduces waste and hassle.

Financial Transparency

Transactions via the app are reported and commission deducted automatically for you.

Increased Revenue

Qbab is already used by a rapidly growing list of mobile caterers who are keen to serve at campsites.
Your own facilities and their vans will increase average order value and number of orders - making the vans more likely to come back next time.

Doesn't Require Great Reception

The app works even where phone reception is patchy.