Mobile Caterers

Qbab has unique features to help mobile caterers - whether serving from fixed pitches, at private and public events or a mix of all of these.

No other platform has been designed wiht the needs of small, independent mobile caterers front and centre.


Qbab lets guests order from...

single ordering point for all your campers' needs

Street Pitches

Whether you're permanently in a lay-by or visit a different village every night, Qbab lets you find customers who like to eat Street Food.

Private Events

We've a raft of features coming this summer to help make your private event offering stand out from the crowd.

Public Events

When you're alongside other vendors at campsites, fixtures, fairs and shows, having Qbab gives you a real edge over your competitors.



Qbab benefits you AND your guests

More On-site Food Options

More variety with easy pre-ordering tempts guests to your site. Why not add breakfast and lunch options too?

Much Less Hassle

Save hours taking down orders for your own offerings, sorting them and losing them!
Makes stocking and re-ordering much more efficient.

Increased Revenue

The more campers that eat on site, the more you can sell them from your own outlets.
Visiting caterers may agree a commission if sales exceed an agreed minimum. Qbab reports sales automatically.

Easier to Find Caterers

Qbab is already used by a rapidly growing list of mobile caterers who are keen to serve at campsites.