Sporting Fixtues

Qbab lets spectators pre-order from the venue's bar, shop, cafe and visiting mobile caterers on a single app.

Make your (and your spectators') lives  easier by letting them order everything they need from a single app. Invite Qbab-enabled catering vans to complement your on-site cuisine.


Qbab lets guests order from...

single ordering point for all your campers' needs

On-site Shop

Let spectators order from your shop and kiosks.

On-site Catering

If you offer catering yourself, let spectators pre-order that.

Guest Caterers

Invite mobile caterers to visit.

Why not open it out and invite the locals too? The more your guest caterers earn, the more you earn.



Qbab benefits you AND your guests

More On-site Food Options

More variety with easy pre-ordering tempts guests to your site. Why not add breakfast and lunch options too?

Much Less Hassle

Save hours taking down orders for your own offerings, sorting them and losing them!
Makes stocking and re-ordering much more efficient.

Increased Revenue

The more campers that eat on site, the more you can sell them from your own outlets.
Visiting caterers may agree a commission if sales exceed an agreed minimum. Qbab reports sales automatically.

Easier to Find Caterers

Qbab is already used by a rapidly growing list of mobile caterers who are keen to serve at campsites.