Telling Your Customers...

You need to let your customers know that you are taking orders via Qbab - and give them links that let them download the app easily.



Our Facebook page is

To mention us in a post, simply include @qbabapp

That results in a link to our page - where users can tap the Use App button to download Qbab. It also alerts us to your post so we can reshare and get the word out further for you.


App Download Link

This address takes customers' phones straight to Qbab on the App Store or Play Store (for iPhone and Android users respectively). The QR code below includes this address so users can just point their phone's camera at it to download the app.

This code is included in A5 stickers that we provide for you to apply on your counter and on 300x600mm stickers for your van sides and back.

As 'Qbab' is only 4 letters, it's just as quick to tell people to search for it on the App or Play Store.