Public Events

Qbab lets attendees pre-order from fixed venue outiets and visiting mobile caterers with a single app.

Make your (and your visitors') lives  easier by letting them order everything they need from a single app. Invite Qbab-enabled catering vans to complement your on-site cuisine.


Qbab lets guests order from...

single ordering point for all your guests' needs

Fixed Venue Outlets

Let visitors order from your own bars, kiosks and cafes.

Stalls & Marquees

Qbab doesn't just work for food and not just from vans.

Mobile Caterers

If all the vendors in your Food Courts use Qbab, visitors won't need to queue through the middle of the picnic area.



Qbab benefits you AND your guests

Demonstrates Covid Awareness

Makes everyone safer and more secure - including attendees, show ground management, insurers and local authrorities.

Improve Customer Experience

Reduces time spent queueing and increases the feeling of security.

Increased Revenue

The more time visitors spend browsing rather than queueing, the more they will spend.

Easier to Find Caterers

Qbab is already used by a rapidly growing list of mobile caterers who are keen to serve at events.